sábado, 22 de dezembro de 2007

Amor em Tempos de Cólera

If you were going off to fight a war, a good war I could write this by candlelight weep, and then go to church and pray for you.
But there's only one war and it's bad and though. You promise that your ship's not going near Vietnam. I keep thinking your course will change.
It's 3:00 in the morning and I'm needing you like a thousand monkeys on my back.
I'm wearing you black t-shirt. You were looking all over for it before you left, but I had it hidden.
I needed something here that smells of you unspeakably delicate and innocent.
It amazes me to think that white i was growing up in Louisville you were growing up in New York.
But our fates had been cast and every stop we took was only bringing us closer until we fell into that bed and you were inside me and we both knew that we'd come to the end of the line. We will never be apart.
We maybe be at each other's throats or we maybe separeted by 5.000 miles but we'll never be apart.
So get off that boat. Get off and come home to me.
I need you, i need you.
You girl always...
De "Waking The Dead" de Keith Gordon.
Inspirador e triste.
Para N.

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nina.harvey disse...

obrigada pela dedicatória, anteriormente me faria chorar de alegria, agora fico imensamente triste.

valentina_costa disse...

Eu lembro dessa cena, desse momento no filme, de cortar de cortar de cortar...